Lower bounds for sorting on mesh-connected architectures

  • Manfred Kunde
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 227)


Lower bounds for sorting on mesh-connected arrays of processors are presented. For sorting N = elements on an n1 × n2 × ... × nr array 2(n1 + ... + nr−1) + nr data interchange steps are needed asymptotically. For two dimensions these bounds are asymptotically best possible provided that n1 and n2 are powers of 2. In this case the generalized s2-way merge sort of Thompson and Kung turns out to be asymptotically optimal. The minimal asymptotic bound of 2√2N interchange steps can be obtained only by sorting algorithms suitable for √N/2 × √2N meshes. For r ≥ 3 dimensions an analysis of aspect-ratios also indicates that there might be mesh-connected architectures which are better suited for sorting than simple r-dimensional cubes.


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