Multiple component chromospheric models for AR lacertae

  • J. E. Neff
  • D. M. Gibson
  • F. M. Walters
Session III: Small Scale Atmospheric Structures: Data
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 254)


Current models of stellar chromospheres match either the global flux in the far ultraviolet emission lines or the details of a global line profile in order to obtain the atmospheric temperature structure. With this, it has been possible to model the global energy balance and derive a solution to the globally averaged physical properties of stellar chromospheres. However, such one component models do not actually characterize the physical structures which comprise the chromosphere, only the apparent mean structure.

We have measured the spectra of individual plage components in the chromosphere of AR Lacertae and mapped their spatial structure. We will therefore be able to model the physical structures of the various components individually. With these models we can address not only the global energy balance, but also the actual physical mechanisms responsible for the energy flux in each component.


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  • J. E. Neff
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  • D. M. Gibson
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  • F. M. Walters
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  1. 1.JILAUniv. of Colorado & NBSBoulder
  2. 2.Dept. of PhysicsNew Mexico TechSocorro
  3. 3.CASAUniversity of ColoradoBoulder

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