Chemical reactions in alkali metals

  • Hans Ulrich Borgstedt
Conference paper
Part of the Topics in Current Chemistry book series (TOPCURRCHEM, volume 134)


Liquid alkali metals are of interest for several technical applications due to their physical and nuclear properties. Problems of safe handling and protection against atmospheric gases and water are caused by their chemical reactivity. Several chemical reactions occur even in purified liquid alkali metals.

Alkali oxides are thermodynamically stable up to very high temperatures, and even hydrides have saline character and considerable stability. Lithium nitride is a compound which can be isolated from the solution in the metal in crystalline form. Dissolved oxides have the ability to react with transition metal oxides to form complex oxides, or with hydrogen to form hydroxides of the beavier alkali metals. Lithium cyanamide is formed by means of the reaction between nitrogen and carbon dissolved in the molten metal. The reaction product in liquid sodium is sodium cyanide.

Carbon dispersed in liquid alkali metals is hydrided by the reaction with dissolved hydrogen or hydrides to evolve methane. Some reactions of non-metals dissolved in the motals are important for the compatibility of materials with the alkali metals. Transition metals are almost insoluble in molten alkali metals. Their solubilities can be considerably raised by dissolved non-metals. Several metals of the fourth and fifth group form one or more intermetallic compounds with alkali metals.


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