Partial wave analyses of elastic meson-nucleon scattering

  • Richard A. Arndt
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Elastic scattering from nucleons has been analyzed for pion, and nucleon beams below 1 GeV (T1ab), and for K+ beams below 3 GeV/c (P 1ab). In recent years new data on π-N and N-N scattering has produced a continually evolving set of solutions for these basic reactions. In this talk I shall discuss the development at VPI & SU of a package of interactive computer programs which, along with the most recent scattering data bases, are being used to promulgate the most recent solutions. This package, which we call SAID (for Scattering Analysis Interactive Dial-in), can be accessed by dialing into the computers at VPI & SU, or it can be transported on backup tapes to VAX computers, such as the one in Berlin. At the present time there are about fifty such tapes in existence at VAX facilities around the world. I shall demonstrate the capabilities of SAID through presentation of our most recent analysis; π-N scattering below 1100 MeV.


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