Polarized targets and beams

  • W. Meyer
Experimental Facilities of ELSA and Other Projects
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 234)


In the last years the study of polarization phenomena at intermediate energies has been of increasing interest.

In Bonn polarization experiments will be continued at the new stretcher ring ELSA. For the photon induced reactions γN → πN and γd → pn (double) polarization experiments will be prepared with improved experimental techniques such as a tagged (polarized) photon beam combined with a frozen spin polarized target. The developments on the field of polarized targets, especially on new target materials, allow new improved experiments with intense beams such as electrons. Form factor measurements of the deutron by means of a tensor polarized target are under preparation in Bonn. Although for electron scattering experiments other possibilities such as internal targets may be available in the future, the conventional polarized target will be with us for the next time. This is certainly the case for experiments on photon induced reactions.


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