Multidimensional tree-structured file spaces

  • Douglas N. Kimelman
Colloquium On Software Engineering Tools And Environments
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 186)


Development projects are often based on large collections of information. This information is typically maintained in a set of files. Current file system and database structures are inadequate for storing and manipulating this information.

This paper defines a new class of high-level data structures called "m-dimensional n-ary tree-structured spaces" (also called "md-nt spaces"), and discusses their use in the organization of the files of development project file systems.

The md-nt space organization allows the primary file system structure to represent relationships between files which are difficult or impossible to represent with conventional structures. A fundamental aspect of this organization is that arbitrary semantics, such as implications in terms of a software module's nesting, or in terms of its position within a sequence of revisions, may dynamically be associated with this structure. This enables the primary file system structure to become the basis for automatic system functions such as the recompilation of source code, the propagation of sets of changes to all appropriate files, or the storage and regeneration of revisions of a file. With conventional systems, such operations are accomplished in a manual, ad-hoc, and error-prone fashion, or via mechanisms which are external to the primary file system structure, and hence contrary to the goal of an integrated environment.

This paper also discusses some of the considerations in the design and implementation of such a file system. A prototype implementation is described, and an evaluation of the effectiveness of md-nt spaces in a software development environment is presented.


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