Chapter 2 The token ring

  • W. Bux
  • F. Closs
  • K. Kuemmerle
  • H. Keller
  • H. R. Mueller
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Architecture, performance, transmission system, and wiring strategy of a token-ring local-area network implemented at the IBM Zurich Research Laboratury are described. In the design of the system, particular emphasis was placed on high reliability, availability, and serviceability. To ensure robustness of the token-access protocol, we employ the concept of a monitor function which is responsible for fast recovery from access-related errors. Our protocol supports asynchronous transmission of data frames concurrently with full-duplex synchronous channels, e.g., for voice services or other applications requiring guaranteed delay. The delay-throughput performance of the token ring is shown to depend very little on data rate and distance. The transmission system of the ring is fully bit synchronous and allows insertion/removal of stations in/from the ring at any time. A mixed ring/star wiring strategy is used which provides the means for both fault detection and isolation, and system reconfiguration, and allows systematic wiring of a building.


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