Et spectra for √3 = 31 A-GeV light ion collisions at the CERN-ISR: Data and analysis

  • Bruce Callen
3. Experimental Data
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 221)


Preliminary transverse energy (Et) cross-sections for p-α, α-α, and d-d collisions measured with the Axial Field Spectrometer hadronic calorimeter are presented. The spectra from these three light ion systems are compared with p-p spectra at the same √s, using the Wounded Nucleon Model. We find that the data are well described by this ‘participant’ model. Although the Et spectra approach or exceed the p-p kinematic limit for all three systems, no evidence for any anomalous behavior is found. Circularity studies show no signs of significant jet production in any of the spectra, even at the highest values of Et. We also apply our model to neutral energy data from the BCMOR collaboration at the ISR. Finally, we discuss modifications to the Wounded Nucleon Model.


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