Asymptotic giant branch stars as producers of carbon and of neutron-rich isotopes

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5. Post-Main Sequence Stars
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Carbon stars are thought to be in the asymptotic giant branch (AGR) phase of evolution, alternately burning hydrogen and helium in shells above an electronde-generate carbon-oxygen (CO) core. The excess of carbon relative to oxygen at the surfaces of these stars is thought to be due to convective dredge-up which occurs following a thermal pulse. During a thermal pulse, carbon and neutron-rich isotopes are made in a convective helium-burning zone. In model stars of large CO core mass, the source of neutrons for producing the neutron-rich isotopes is the 22Ne(α,n)25Mg reaction and the isotopes are produced in the solar system s-process distribution. In models of small core mass, the 13C(α,n)16O reaction is thought to be responsible for the release of neutrons, and the resultant distribution of neutron-rich isotopes is expected to vary considerably from one star to the next, with the distribution in isolated instances possibly resembling the solar system distribution of r-process isotopes. After the dredge-up phase following each pulse, the 13C is made by the reactions 12C(P,γ)13N(β+ν)13C in a zone of large 12C abundance and small 1H abundance that has been established by semiconvective mixing during the dredge-up phase. There is qualitative accord between the properties of carbon stars in the Magellanic Clouds and properties of model stars, but considerably more theoretical work is required before a quantitative match is achieved.


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