The spin glass transition: a comparison of Monte Carlo simulations of nearest-neighbor Ising Edwards-Anderson models with experiments

  • K. Binder
  • W. Kinzel
Theoretical Papers
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 192)


Numerical studies of Ising square lattices with random bonds (Jij=±J or drawn from a gaussian distribution) are reviewed. Particular attention is paid to the temperature- and field dependence of the equilibrium magnetization M(H,T). While for a symmetric bond distribution the zero-field susceptibility trivially follows a Curies law Xo∝ T−1, the nonlinear susceptibility Xn shows a dramatic temperature-dependence, which can nearly be mistaken for a power-law divergence at a freezing temperature Tf. These findings are compared in detail with corresponding experimental data, including possible “scaling” representations. We relate this behavior to the onset of long-range Edwards-Anderson order as T→0, as measured by the correlation function gEA(rij)=[<SiSj> T 2 ]av

We then discuss time-dependent quantities: the spin-spin autocorrelation function and the time-dependent Edwards-Anderson order parameter q(t), dynamic susceptibility χ(t) etc.; also the onset of irreversible behavior at critical magnetic fields Hc(t) is emphasized, and again compared to experiments. A possible explanation of this behavior in terms of the free energy barriers separating the various “valleys” in configuration space is indicated.


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  • K. Binder
    • 1
  • W. Kinzel
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