Some recent high-temperature experiments on spin-glasses

  • J. A. Mydosh
Experimental Papers
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 192)


The experimental behavior of spin-glasses will be examined as the temperature is reduced towards the freezing temperature T f. First we will consider the effects of atomic short-range order, which unfortunately always occur in real systems, on the local magnetic correlations and magnetic phase diagrams. Then a number of high temperature (T≳Tf) experiments will be reviewed beginning with some static measurements such as resistivity, do susceptibility and specific heat, and extending to a few dynamical ones such as neutron spin echo, muon spin relaxation and ac susceptibility. The static experiments give us some insight into the development of local, spatial spin-correlations, while the dynamic ones can be related to time-correlation functions which are temperature dependent. Based upon these results many experimentalists interpret their data in terms of the growth of magnetic clusters, followed by cluster relaxation leading to a broad distribution of relaxation times which significantly shifts to longer time scales as T→>Tf+. Hence a spin-glass has similar properties to an ordinary glass.


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