Synthesis and metal complexes of aza-macrocycles with pendant arms having additional ligating groups

  • Thomas A. Kaden
Conference paper
Part of the Topics in Current Chemistry book series (TOPCURRCHEM, volume 121)


In view of new strategies in coordination chemistry macrocycles with functionalized pendant arms represent an interesting class of ligands, which combine both the properties of a macrocyclic structural unit with those of a flexible side-chain to which the functional group is bound. With such systems it is possible to study the effect of axial coordination even for weak ligating groups, since they are brought close to the metal ion, the changes in the properties of the metal ion when the pendant arm becomes coordinated and finally the influence of the metal ion on the reactivity of the functional group.

Since the sterical and geometrical aspects can be kept constant by the macrocycle small effects are expected to be detected. In addition even with a kinetically labile metal ion it is possible to obtain insight into the relation between reactivity and structure.


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