Composite models of quarks and leptons

  • R. D. Peccei
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 181)


We motivate and review the desirability of, and necessary constraints for, having composite quarks and leptons. The dynamical requirement of having approximately massless fermion bound states and various ways of achieving this goal are discussed. Dynamical schemes for generating the correct fermionic mass patterns, as well as the subject of generations, are critically examined. The desirability of preventing proton decay at too fast a rate and yet generating enough baryon asymmetry in the universe leads us to consider a composite GUT scenario. Various features of this scenario, including the existence of natural mass hierarchies, are discussed. Failures and open questions regarding quark and lepton compositeness are addressed as a final topic.


Higgs Boson Chiral Symmetry Global Symmetry Goldstone Boson Proton Decay 
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