Magnetically tunable far infrared emitters and detectors

  • E. Gornik
Magneto-Optics in 3D-Systems, Except InSb
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 177)


The present state of the art in magnetically tunable detectors and emitters in the FIR range is reviewed. On the detector side two materials are widely used: InSb and GaAs. New aspects for tunable narrowband detection provide experiments with hydrostatic pressure and uniaxial stress in InSb.

Landau emission has been investigated in several semiconductors and a useful source for spectroscopy with a resolution below 1 cm−1 has been developed.

New promising concepts for tunable sources have been demonstrated recently: The broadband and tunable emission from streaming carriers in crossed electric and magnetic fields and the radiative decay of two-dimensional plasma oscillations as present in Si-MOS structures via a grating antenna.


Landau Level Radiative Decay Light Hole Lower Landau Level Carrier Accumulation 
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