Magneto-optical experiments on a thin InAs LAyer confined between GaSb in a parallel and perpendicular magnetic field

  • J. C. Maan
Magneto-Optics and Electronic Structure of 2D-Systems
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 177)


Far infrared magneto-optical experiments on a sample consisting of a thin (1000 Å) InAs layer confined between GaSb show for the magnetic field perpendicular to the plane of the layers transitions between hole subbands localized in the GaSb and electron subbands localized in the InAs. This localization is induced by potentials wells created at the interface through the band bending due to the transfer of electrons from the GaSb to the InAs. In addition a double cyclotron resonance of the electrons and a single for the holes is observed. These observations are explained with a simple model for the subband structure at the InAs-GaSb interface. A magnetic field parallel to the interface leads to a change in the subband structure and hybrid electric and magnetic subbands are formed. Transitions between these subbands are observed experimentally and explained theoretically. In this context the influence of a parallel magnetic field on the subband structure in two dimensional systems in general is discussed.


Magnetic Field Cyclotron Resonance High Magnetic Field Landau Level Magnetic Field Dependence 
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