Defect complexes in III–V compounds

  • Lars-Åke Ledebo
Part IV. Defects in Compound Semiconductors
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 175)


Some technically important examples of defect complexes in III–V semi-conductors will be briefly discussed in this paper. It is now clear that the midgap donor level in GaAs, often referred to as EL2, is not as previously assumed due to substitutional oxygen on an As site, but is a defect complex involving a Ga vacancy. This defect makes it possible to grow undoped semi-insulating GaAs for the production of integrated circuits. Defect reactions can be monitored by studying the luminescence from ZnO pairs, which are used to obtain red light from GaP LED's. The A and B levels often present in liquid phase GaAs are identified as the GaAs antisite. A normally unwanted but frequent contaminant in III–V semiconductors is Cu. We now know that the two copper-related levels which may appear in all large bandgap III–V's are not two levels of the same defect. At least one of the defects therefore has to be a complex. Studies in series of alloys demonstrate that the copper-related levels have the same defect origin in GaP, InP, GaAs and AlAs.


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