Gas solubilities in microbial culture media

  • Adrian Schumpe
  • Gerd Quicker
  • Wolf-Dieter Deckwer
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Biochemical Engineering book series (ABE, volume 24)


Available information on gas solubility in microbial culture media is reviewed. Emphasis is given to oxygen and carbon dioxide solubilities. Experimental techniques which can be successfully applied to culture media are presented. All the parameters which affect gas solubilities, i.e., above all the composition of the media are thoroughly discussed. In general, gas solubilities in nutrition and cultivation media can be predicted by a log-additivity approach. To this end knowledge of the composition of the media and the solubility parameters (K1) of the individual compounds is required. For a variety of substances encountered in cultivation broths the parameters K1 for oxygen could be evaluated from literature data and are summarized in this paper. Appropriate recommendations for applying direct and indirect predictive methods are given. Cases of failure are mentioned as well.


Solubility Parameter Trichoderma Reesei Penicillium Chrysogenum Oxygen Solubility Nutrition Medium 
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mass concentration, mg l−1


electrolyte (salt) concentration, mole l−1


concentration in gas phase, mg l−1


solubility of gas j, mole l−1


solubility of gas j in water, mole l−1


concentration of solute l, mole l−1 or g l−1


molarity, mole l−1


concentration of nonelectrolyte, g l−1


weight solubility, mole g −1


activity coefficient of solute gas j


activity coefficient of solute gas j in water


salting-out parameter of ion i, Eq. (34), l mole−1


Henry's constant, Eq. (13), kPa l mg −1


Henry's constant, Eq. (4)


Henry's constant, Eq. (2), kPa l mole−1


Henry's constant, Eq. (3), kPa


empirical parameter, Eq. (27), l mole −1

h+, h, hG

empirical parameters of van Krevelen-Hoftijzer model referring to cation, anion and gas, l mole−1


ionic strength, mole l−1


ionic strength of single ion, Eq. (35), mole l−1


constant specific of gas j, l mole−1


constant specific of salt, l mole−1


solubility parameter for nonelectrolytes (organic compounds), Eq. (37), l g−1


Sechenov constant, l mole−1


Ostwald coefficient


parameter defined by Eq. (38), l g−1


molecular weight of gas, g mole−1


molecular weight of solvent, g mole−1


partial pressure, kPa


vapor pressure of solvent, kPa


total pressure, kPa


oxygen uptake rate, mg l−1 s−1


rate of oxygen partial pressure decrease, kPa s−1


gas constant, kPa cm3 mole−1 K−1


Kuenen coefficient, cm3 g−1


temperature, °C


temperature, K


molar volume of gas, cm3 mole−1


gas volume, cm3


liquid volume, cm3


mass fraction


mole fraction


electrical conductivity, Ω−1 cm−1


number of ions of type i in electrolyte

Greek letters


Bunsen coefficient


Bunsen coefficient of water


absorption coefficient


density of solution


density of solvent


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  • Adrian Schumpe
    • 1
  • Gerd Quicker
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  • Wolf-Dieter Deckwer
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  2. 2.Fachbereich ChemieUniversität OldenburgOldenburgFRG

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