The pathology of marginal renal function

  • Hervé Favre
  • Neal S. Bricker
Part of the Reviews of Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology book series (volume 91)


The residual nephrons respond to the progressive nephron loss by an organized functional adaptation which permits them to maintain homeostasis. They do this by magnifying their response to the information provided by the control systems for the major key solutes (i.e., sodium, phosphorus, and possibly potassium), by increasing secondary to hyperplasia the number of specific cells (i.e., ammonium), or by unknown mechanisms (i.e., bicarbonate). As discussed, all the physiologic mechanisms of intrarenal transports apply to the residual nephrons which behave like normal nephrons facing an overload of solute and water.


Glomerular Filtration Rate Sodium Excretion Chronic Renal Disease Phosphate Excretion Clearance Ratio 
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