Serializability problems of interleaved database transactions

  • Georg Lausen
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The interleaved execution of database transactions produces correctness problems. It is called correct — or serializable —, if it is equivalent to a serial execution of the same transactions. An execution of a set of transactions is described by the sequence of the read/write actions — called schedule —, a reads-from rolation ϕ and an overwrite relation ω.

A database model is assumed, in which old values of the variables are still available. In this environment for a given schedule there exist a set of possible reads-from relations φ and a set of possible overwrite relations ω.

Three serializability problems are formulated and discussed:
  1. 1.

    For a given schedule x, does there exist ϕOεφ, ωOεω, such that the execution described by (x,ϕO,ωO) is serializable?

  2. 2.

    For a given schedule x and given ϕOεφ, does there exist a ωOεω, such that the execution described by (x,ϕO,ωO) is serializable?

  3. 3.

    For a given schedule x and given ωOεω, does there exist a ϕOεφ, such that the execution described by (x,ϕO,ωO) is serializable?



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