Rads — Rapid appligation development system

  • HG Gosh
  • APG Brown
  • DJL Gradwell
Software Engineering: Production Aspects
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 123)


While hardware costs fall, the cost of developing and maintaining applications systems, written in languages such as COBOL, has not decreased significantly. This paper presents a new system — RADS, which aims to decrease development costs by reducing the gap between program specifications and program code. This is achieved with a new ‘partially’ procedural language, which allows simple specification and manipulation of arbitrary size data objects. This provides automation of many functions normally carried out by the programmer such as input/output, formatting, message dialogues, validation and statement ordering. It is believed that these facilities will reduce the cost of application programming by an order of magnitude.


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  • APG Brown
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