Real-time processing of binary images for industrial applications

  • Foith J. P. 
  • Eisenbarth C. 
  • Enderle E. 
  • Geisselmann H. 
  • Ringshauser H. 
  • Zimmermann G. 
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 109)


This paper deals with problems and solutions in applications of Image Analysis Systems. Important applications are visual inspection, sensor-controlled handling and assembly, and the control of tools, machines, or processes. When designing Image Analysis Systems one must not only solve image analysis problems: the whole workplace must be engineered in order to reach practical solutions.

One particular requirement for Image Analysis Systems is the capability of real-time processing. Selected methods of image processing and analysis are discussed under this aspect. It is pointed out why practical systems perform binary image processing, and it is argued that this suffices for many practical tasks. A brief survey of existing systems shows the state-of-the-art and a discussion of applications illustrates the power of these systems.

In the third part is presented a system — ‘S.A.M.’ (for: Sensorsystem for Automation and Measurement) — that the authors have developed. S.A.M. is a kit whose modules can be combined into configurations that are adapted to particular tasks. S.A.M. hardware consists of three groups of modules that perform: 1) video input processing, 2) image processing and analysis (including image storage), and 3) data processing. The purpose of the second group of processors is the reduction of data (TV on-line feature extraction). Extracted features are: component labels, area, perimeter, number of holes, and centroid coordinates for up to 255 blobs in a binary image. These data are collected and highly organized by the Data Processing Modules. S.A.M. software is implemented in three layers: 1) basic software, 2) problem oriented software, and 3) operator oriented software. With the aid of S.A.M. hardware and software the analysis of complex binary images can be performed in less than 500 ms — despite the use of a micro-processor. In concluding, the authors give an example where a S.A.M. configuration was coupled with an industrial robot for grasping parts from a running conveyor belt.


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