Reformulation of the method of characteristics for multidimensional flows

  • Czeslaw P. Kentzer
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 141)


The method of characteristics is reformulated so as to simplify it conceptually and thus render it easily programable for multidimensional computations. A transformation to characteristic coördinates and a change in notation allows one to coach the theory of characteristics in the language of geometrical wave theory or of the particle mechanics. The dependent variables (\(\vec u\),p,p) are given uniquely in terms of characteristic coördinates, while the latter satisfy the Hamiltonian equations. Computations with the method of characteristics are reduced to the determination of Hamiltonian trajectories in space-time, a task not unduely complex even in multidimensional cases.


Nonlinear Boundary Condition Riemann Invariant Particle Mechanic Outflow Direction Algebraic Boundary 
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