Numerical calculation of transonic axial turbomachinery flows

  • Djordje S. Dulikrsvich
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This paper presents a numerical method and the results of a computer program for solving an exact, three-dimensional, full-potential equation that models rotating and nonrotating inviscid, absolutely irrotational, homentropic flows. Besides calculating the flows through an arbitrarily shaped rotor or stator blade row mounted on an axisymmetric hub and confined in an axisymmetric duct, the computer program is also capable of analysing flow fields about arbitrarily shaped wing-body combinations, propellers, helicopter rotors in hover, and wind turbine rotors. The governing equation is solved numerically in a fully conservative form by using an artificial time concept, a finite volume technique, rotated type-dependent differencing, successive line overrelaxation, and sequential boundary-conforming grid refinement. An artificial viscosity is added in fully conservative form; and an initial guess for the potential field is applied, as determined by a two-dimensional cascade analysis.


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  1. 1.National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationLewis Research CenterCleveland

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