Comparison of the performance of the backscattering spectrometer IN10 and the neutron spin-echo spectrometer IN11 on the basis of experimental results

  • A. Heidemann
  • W. S. Howells
  • G. Jenkin
Chapter II. Neutron Spin Echo Experiments
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 128)


The two spectrometers IN10 and INII are comparable in their performance and complementary in their applications. Future improvements on both machines are possible and envisaged. For example, on INII the solid angle of the analyser can be increased and the time scale extended by having better control of magnetic field inhomogeneities. Indeed, very recently (Dec. 1979) the energy resolution of IN11 has been improved considerably to Γ = 14 neV at λ = 8 A /18/. On IN10, the energy resolution for low Q experiments can be improved and the energy transfer range be extended.


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  • W. S. Howells
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  • G. Jenkin
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