Nonradial oscillations with high ℓ-values

  • C. A. Rouse
3. Solar Oscillations Theoretical Implications of Observations
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 125)


A few eigenfunctions with high ℓ-values for nonradial oscillations of the 1968 nonstandard solar model (Rouse 1977, 1979 and references therein) are discussed. Particular attention is given to eigenfunctions for periods near 45.5 and 67.2 minutes (Brown, Stebbins and Hill 1978). The Unno theory of stability of the solar core (Unno 1975) is used to delineate the regions where the waves propagate as acoustic waves, gravity waves, or are evanescent. Of particular interest is that the eigenfunction with ℓ = 20 indicates that a relative displacement at the solar surface of 10−7 is consistent with a relative displacement of about 2 × 10−2 in the gravity wave propagation region of the solar interior for this mode of oscillation.


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