Application survey — Planning

  • Bevan Smedley
2. Geographic Applications — Planning
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This paper will survey the application of geographic-based systems in Urban and Regional planning. A discussion on the nature and requirements of the planning process will be followed by a review of significant implementations and research.

The growth of applications in this area has not been as marked as elsewhere. Reasons for this are proposed, and the implications for system design are considered. Emphasis throughout will be upon the vast data requirements of planning, coupled with the need to consider their distribution both over time and space.

The feelings of users with regard to the significance of geo-processing to planning, vary from those of complete disinterest, through scepticism, to outright support. This is reflected in the design of existing implementations, and until these views are fully understood and, in some cases, countered, the future potential for geo-systems in planning will not be as great as it should be.


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