Stellar-winds and coronas in cool stars

  • A. K. Dupree
  • L. Hartmann
4. Some Effects of Stellar Turbulence
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 114)


Recent observational and theoretical results are reviewed that pertain to the presence and characteristics of stellar coronae and winds in latetype stars. It is found that stars - principally dwarfs - exist with “hot” coronae similar to the Sun with thermally driven winds. For stars at the lowest effective temperatures, and gravities characteristic of supergiant and giant stars, high temperature (}105K) atmospheres are absent (or if present are substantially weaker than in the dwarf stars), and massive winds are present. There also exist “hybrid” examples - lumi nous stars possessing both a “hot” corona and a supersonic stellar wind. Constraints for theoretical models are discussed.


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