Turbulence in the atmospheres of eclipsing binary stars

  • K. O. Wright
2. Observed Properties of Stellar Turbulence
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 114)


A review of the orbits and dimensions of the C Aurigae systems is given, based on photometric and spectrographic observations. The Ca II K-Tine has been studied intensively to determine the extent and uneven structure of the chromospheres of these stars; the multiple structure of this line observed at several eclipses confirms the presence of large-scale clouds in the atmospheres. Measurements of line profiles and equivalent widths show that macroturbulent velocities up to 10 km/sec in the upper chromosphere, and up to 20 km/sec. in the lower chromosphere are present. Microturbulent velocities in the lower chromosphere are about 10 km/sec. Recent ultraviolet observations indicate that the B star in the 32 Cygni system may be within the outer chromosphere of the giant component and its radiation may affect the chromospheric structure more than had previously been suggested.


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