X-ray absorption in polymeric conductors

  • H. Morawitz
  • W. D. Gill
  • P. Grant
  • G. B. Street
  • D. Sayers
9. Polymers
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 96)


A discussion of the results of x-ray absorption experiments on the polymeric conductors brominated (SN)x and polyacetylene doped with AsF5 will be given. The use of x-rays with energies exceeding the K-edge of Br(13.5KeV) and As(11.9KeV) allows studies of the short range order from the backscattering effect of the surrounding atomic arrangement on the ejected is electron. Additionally, the shift of the K absorption edge can provide a measure of charge transfer from the SN or acetylene units of the polymer to the incorporated bromine or AsF5 molecular units. Structural information is derived from the oscillatory part of the extended x-ray absorption (EXAFS). The experiments make use of the highly polarized x-ray beam from the Stanford Linear Accelerator to study the orientational dependence of the x-ray absorption, which allows the determination of the alignment of the incorporated bromine in (SN)x. The short range order in the vicinity of the Br and As atoms is obtained by Fourier transformation of the experimental data, from which average coordination numbers and neighbor distances are then determined. The temperature dependence of these parameters will be given in the regions 300≤T≤5°K and tentative conclusions regarding the relative concentration of Br2 and Br 3 molecules at different temperatures are discussed.


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  • W. D. Gill
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  • P. Grant
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  • G. B. Street
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  • D. Sayers
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  2. 2.North Carolina State UniversityRaleigh

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