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We had a very nice and useful conference. I admired its broad programheavy ion physics, some — but far too little — heavy ion atomic physics, photonuclear physics and electron scattering, nuclear matter physics, quarks and QED of strong fields). A number of excellent speakers, all top researchers in their field, were present. From them we have learned many new results.

I wished that heavy ion atomic physics would have played a larger role and I hope to convince my many Australian friends during the next two weeks of my touring the country, to start a program in this virgin, but very exciting direction.

We leave here with the feeling that nuclear physics is blossoming more than ever. I would like to go so far and say, that modern nuclear physics has entered a new era, with a vast number of new directions. Perhaps some of you enter the new fields while others continue to do work with the still and always newly exciting good old nucleus. But what is old and what is new in this connection,is perhaps also dependent on the personal taste.


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