Fission phenomena in deep inelastic collisions

  • H. J. Specht
A. Invited Talks and Contributed Papers Presented Orally
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 92)


Kinematically complete experiments have been performed on fission occurring in reactions of 7.5 MeV/amu 208Pb and 238U with 58Ni and 90Zr. The fragment Q-value distributions as well as their angular correlations suggest an interpretation for the bulk of the events as sequential fission following deep inelastic collisions, with no indications for any fast ternary components at present. Referred to the rest frame of the fissioning nuclei, the fragments are heavily concentrated in the plane of the first reaction step, but distributed isotropically to ⩽10% within that plane, pointing to a rather strong alignment of the angular momentum transfer. The quantitative analysis of these distributions and of the fission probabilities yield average spin values of 30–45 h for the heavy fragment. The detailed dependence of the spin on energy loss and nucleon transfer is also discussed. Following an initial rise, a nearly constant oriented spin is observed even for the largest energy losses. This is interpreted as evidence for considerable fluctuations in the correlation between energy loss and angular momentum.


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