Polarization Phenomena in Two Body Systems

  • Gerald H. Thomas
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 87)


Over the last year or so, new and quite interesting polarization data have become available from various accelerators. I am going to review some of the results which look the most interesting to me, and discuss the interpretations one might give to them. I will try to point out areas where various people believe experimental results might be suggesting an important clue about the underlying theory. In these cases a definite prejudice must be taken in favor of some theory. One of the most popular prejudices among particle theorists these days is a belief in Quantum Chromo-Dyanmics (QCD), a non-abelian gauge field theory of colored quarks interacting with massless vector gluons. It is hoped that the non-perturbative solutions to such a theory will provide an adequate description of both low and high energy strong interaction phenomena. Although this dream has not yet been realized, it is not so far fetched as to be ignored and holds the promise for a deeper understanding of the data we will be discussing. If the theory were correct, it could not help but provide an interpretation of the data we will be discussing which is quite different from the usual meson theory.


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