Two Hadron Interaction

  • E. L. Lomon
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In the past year nucleon-nucleon physics has been moving ahead rapidly especially on the experimental side. Data reported last year at the Vancouver and Tokyo conferences cleared up some old ambiguities below 50 MeV in the P states and the 3S13D1 mixing parameter. Evidence from TRIUMF and ANL was beginning to give us an inkling of the impact that the new data from intermediate energies would have. Since then the analysis of the nucleon-nucleon data from the BASQUE group at TRIUMF has shown that there are important revisions from the Livermore phase shifts. Indeed their new phases allow the possibility of some structure even in their energy range(1). The polarized beam, polarized target results from ANL now indicate with some assurance that there is a 3F3 resonance near 2.26 GeV barycentric energy and probably the expected singlet 1D2 resonance near 2.10 GeV(2). Also new experimental results this past year from Kamae et al have confirmed and extended their 1977 results, which show a large peak in the proton polarization in deuteron photodisintegration at an energy corresponding to a possible dibaryon resonance at 2.35 GeV(3). Some of the theoretical contributions to this conference which I will present later bear on this new experimental information.


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