Potentials in Review

  • K. Holinde
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 87)


The determination of a reliable nucleon-nucleon potential is one of the fundamental problems in nuclear physics, since it is the basic ingredient in almost any microscopic calculation of nuclear properties. In fact, if the only aim would be to get a basic understanding of the NN-interaction in free two-body scattering, either by correlating NN, NΠ,ΠΠ and NN̄-data in the framework of dispersion theory or by starting from a Lagrangian model in terms of fundamental fields, the concept of a potential, at least in the nonrelativistic limit, can (and should) be completely avoided. Thus, the decisive question to be answered in a review is not which potential describes best NN-scattering data, but from which potential we can expect reliable results in nuclear structure. We will see that these two questions are not equivalent, i.e. the potential with the best fit to two-body data does not necessarily give the best results in nuclear structure. In addition, a theoretical framework, which seems to be most adequate for the description of two-body NN-scattering (like e.g. dispersion theory), is not a priori the best approach for deriving a nucleon-nucleon potential. This implies that we should concentrate on such features of the NN-potential which are essential in fixing the properties of nuclear structure.


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