The impact of technology on information system

  • W. K. Liebmann
Impact Of Technology
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- The technological progress of information systems is largely determined by the advancement of the silicon integrated circuitry. The cost/performance progress of this technology shows no signs of saturation in the foreseeable future.

- The silicon integrated circuit technology will continue to dramatically advance the price/performance of the central processing complexes of an information system.

- The advances in Input/Output Units will be more gradual, since much of the enhancement potential of the mechanical technology is exhausted. Here also the LSI technology will be a major contributor to technological progress.

- These different rates of technological progress will cause a shift in cost emphasis away from the CPU to the Input/Output systems and to external storage subsystems.

- The increased CPU processing power can accomodate more powerful operating systems and application programs which will stimulate the use of information systems by a much wider range of non DP professional users.


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