Systemes schematiques generalises

Vorträge In Der Reihenfolge Des Programms
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 48)


We extend algebraic semantics introduced by M.Nivat #5,6# in order to construct a semantics of an ALGOL-like computer language which give us answers to the problems of call-by-value, assignment statements and initialization of local variables. With this semantics and an inductive method (related to our formalism) so powerful as computionnal induction we justify the inductive assertion method of C.A.Hoare #1#.Hence we extend results of Z.Manna and J.Vuillemin #4# to a strictly larger family of programs.


Algebraic Semantic Nous Sommes Mathematical Semantic Nous Notons Cette Construction 
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