Database systems analysis and design

  • E. E. Tozer
Concepts And Techniques Of Data Base Management
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Developments in the database field have tended to emphasise programming technology, with a dearth of accompanying progress in systems analysis and design methods. This paper puts forward an overall view of system design which is intended to act as a constraining framework. It is based upon a pragmatic approach and is presented in a form which could be (and is being) used on large scale implementation projects.

Orderly analysis and design procedures are encouraged. The taking of premature design decisions is discouraged, especially through the recognition of three distinct views of data: conceptual, implementation and storage, and through recognition of distinctions between design of each of these, specification of mappings between them, and design of programs and run sequences. It is envisaged that specific procedures developed elsewhere (see references) could be incorporated into the methodology described here.


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