Trends in computer system structure and architecture

  • W. G. Spruth
Computer Architecture And Computer Systems Structure
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Management of Complexity is the overriding concern in the development of modern Data Processing Systems. We observe a split into systems which are used in a computing center, and systems which are used by an individual department. The first class of systems is characterized by general purpose attributes of its structure and features for adaption to a wide spectrum of individual users. The second class is characterized by a tayloring of hardware and software features to individual applications.

Decentralized departmental systems can achieve significant efficiency improvements through application tayloring, if and when their applications can be treated as isolated from each other. Where this is not possible we observe a development trend towards computing networks with distributed intelligence, very often with a powerful central host system. In this case, issues of architecture integrity, compatibility, program and data portability are a major concern, and will impact future developments to a significant extent.


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