Preparation and properties of gel entrapped enzymes

  • F. O'Driscoll
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Biochemical Engineering book series (ABE, volume 4)


Immobilize Enzyme Enzyme Loading Suspension Polymerization Immobilization Technique Internal Mass Transfer 
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diffusion coefficient of substrate in gel


active enzyme concentration per unit volume of gel


function defined by Eq. (3)


fractional extent of hydiation of gel


catalytic constant of enzyme in gel


Michaelis constant of enzyme in gel


membrane thickness


molecular weight of substrate


radius of spherical gel particles


substrate concentration in gel


rate of enzyme catalyzed reaction per unit volume of gel


defined by Eq. (4)


Damköhler number =α 2 l 2, or =α 2 R 2


effectiveness factor, i. e.: rate catalyzed by gel entrapped enzyme relative to rate of free enzyme under equivalent conditions


Thiele modulus (Eq. 6)


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