The center of our galaxy

  • D. Downes
Part VII: H II Regions Associated with Nuclei of Galaxies
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Interferometer measurements show the galactic center source Sgr A to consist of a non-thermal source, Sgr A East, an H I[ Region, Sgr A West and an unusual point source. The properties of these sources are given below:
Sgr A East may be a supernova remnant near the galactic center. The H II Region Sgr A West has the following unique properties:
  1. i)

    Its position agrees with the centroid of the 2.2μ radiation, which is believed to come from stars at the galactic center.

  2. ii)

    It has a recombination line of halfwidth ∼200 km s−1, 4 to 5 times larger than that of any spiral arm H II region.

  3. iii)

    At its center lies the remarkable radio point source, which has a brightness temperature >107 K, and which may be the actual nucleus of the Galaxy. *** DIRECT SUPPORT *** A3418034 00012



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