The analysis of high energy heavy-ion transfer reactions

  • D. K. Scott
Session E Heavy Ion Reactions at High Energies
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 33)


The regions of validity of quantal and semiclassical theories are discussed for high energy transfer reactions with heavy-ions. After demonstrating the equivalence of the two formalisms, they are applied quantitatively to predict spectroscopic factors, the energy dependence and Q dependence of single nucleon transfer on lead. The power of semiclassical theory for making wide surveys is shown. The discovery of simple cluster states in multinucleon transfer reactions on lighter nuclei is discussed using semiclassical theory. Finally the guantal analysis of new effects due to multistep processes in high energy heavy-ion reactions is presented.


Differential Cross Section Distorted Wave Spectroscopic Factor Forward Angle Semiclassical Theory 
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