Large momentum transfer scattering and hadronic Bremsstrahlung

  • Richard Blankenbecler
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 32)


The interchange theory provides a simple picture of large momentum transfer scattering which correlates many features of hadrons and their interactions. It is simple to compute and has considerable predictive power. It unites the electromagnetic structure of hadrons as expressed through their form factors and inelastic structure functions with elastis and inleastic hadron-hadron scattering. The thory joins smoothly onto Regge behavior which controls forward scattering and in fact predicts such behavior. The unified description of large and small momentum transfer scattering provided by the interchange model should allow considerable insight into the interaction of hadrons and their possible composite nature. It already yields a remarkably simple quantitative description which seems valid all the way from large angle elastic scattering at 5 Gev/c to inclusive scattering at the CERN-ISR.


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  • Richard Blankenbecler
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  1. 1.Stanford Linear Accelerator CenterUSA

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