Formal Definition of a simple on-line teleprocessor in VDL

  • George G. Hay
Applications Des Langages De Programmation Specific Applications Of Programming Languages
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 19)


This paper presents a definition in VDL (the Vienna Definition Language) of a simple message processing system using a polling algorithm. It illustrates an application of VDL in a new area and by defining extensions and changes to the original system demonstrates the flexibility of VDL as a formal definition tool.


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  1. Lucas, P., Lauer, P., and Stigleitner, H., "Method and Notation for the Formal Definition of Programming Languages", IBM Vienna Laboratory Technical Report TR 25.087, July 1970.Google Scholar

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  • George G. Hay
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  1. 1.Education & Training DepartmentIBM (UK) Laboratories LtdHursley Park, WinchesterEngland

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