A project oriented support library

  • R. W. Friday
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Ample evidence supports the fact that the use of structured programming (SP) results in extraordinary successes in system design and implementation. But as has been pointed out a most basic and critical tool needed for development of a system based on SP is a program support library; at system integration time the system montage is assembled from the various components.

The latest versions of all components making up the current state of the system are maintained in the program support library. A program librarian not only maintains the library but also develops, updates, and maintains complete records regarding all parts of the system. The work connected with such a library is complex because of the large number of components arising out of the top down method basic to SP.

POSL (project oriented support library) is a new library and documentation system which supports the development of systems designed on the principles of SP. With POSL information normally produced by the librarian is gathered automatically; clerical tasks and safeguard procedures are automated as well and can be specified for either individual components or entire software levels.

POSL is unique in that the library contains not only components but the entire program tree as well. All components are cataloged according to their place in the tree as well as by name.


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