The Energy-Averaged S-Matrix and Doorway Resonances

  • P. von Brentano
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The concept of doorway resonances which was originated by Feshbach, Kerman and coworkers at the M.I.T. has been shown to be a very successful concept. In various experiments beautiful examples of doorway resonances were discovered, and the paper by C. Mahaux gives a review of theory and experiments in this field. After it was formulated in the framework of Feshbach theory, the doorway resonances were discussed in many different frameworks of resonance reaction theories. We should mention in particular the work at the M.I.T. (cf [4],[5]), the shell model theory of Mahaux and Weidenmüller [9], and the related theory by Mekjian and McDonald [11]. A unifying theory which comprises the various approaches has been given by Lane and Robson [8].


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