The Intermediate State in Fission and Shape Isomers

  • Daniel Sperber
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 22)


The purpose of the present paper is to survey different versions for the calculation of 1) isomer ratios for shape (fission isomers), 2) the ratio between the cross section for isomeric (fission) and prompt fission and the ratio between the cross section for neutron evaporation to prompt fission. The models discussed for the evaluation of the above observable quantities are based on the statistical compound nucleus model. Although the models have much in common they differ in detail. Certain models are time dependent but no explicitly energy dependent. Others are energy dependent but time dependent. An energy dependent model is discussed in detail. In this model the neutron evaporation is discussed in a rigorous way. Also in the latter calculation there are no adjustable parameters. All parameters are obtained from other sources. The predictions of the theory are compared with experiments. Very good agreement between theory and experiment is obtained.


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