Mathematical modeling of Stratified flows

  • Vincenzo Armenio
Part of the CISM International Centre for Mechanical Sciences book series (CISM, volume 479)


The present Chapter of the lecture notes is divided into three different sections. The first section is devoted to the description of the equations governing a stratified flow field. The Reynolds averaged equations are derived together with the transport equations for the mean and turbulent kinetic energies. A background discussion on the spectral characteristics of a turbulent field is given, aimed at helping the comprehension of the successive sections. The second section describes the direct numerical simulation, together with the numerical techniques currently in use for the integration of the governing equations. Section 2 also contains a brief discussion on recent achievements of DNS in the study of stratified turbulent flows. Section 2 also deals with Large-eddy simulation of stratified turbulent flows. Models widely in use for the closure of the subgrid scale stresses are described and recent achievements in the field of stratified flows discussed. Section 3 is devoted to the description of very recent numerical results for stratified flows over a topography.


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