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Functional CT for Image-Guided Personalized Tumor Interventions

  • Horger Marius
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Computed tomography (CT) is the mainstay in the oncologic imaging. With the advent of multidetector technology rapid image acquisition combined with thin-slice technique have made this technique almost unbeatable. Hence, morphologic CT-imaging is now possible with highest spatial resolution which is mandatory for tumor detection. One weakness of CT as compared for instance with MR imaging is its limited functional information. However, on this field there has been recent technical development in particular for measuring tumor angiogenesis. Two techniques have gained attention in this respect: perfusion-CT and dual-energy iodine mapping (Thaiss et al. 2015, 2016; Kaufmann et al. 2015a; Ippolito et al. 2014; Meijerink et al. 2009). Tumor angiogenesis is knowingly one major target for both local and systemic therapy and its assessment and characterization are prerequisites for planning local or systemic antiangiogenic treatment (Gordic et al. 2016; Sacco 2014). The typical scenario in planning tumor therapy can be well described in the setting of cirrhotic liver exhibiting lesions that are suspicious of representing hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). The latter is expected to occur in these patients sooner or later with different frequencies depending on the underlying disorder (e.g., very high risk HBV/HBC-related cirrhosis or high risk liver cirrhosis of other causes or some other precancerous diffuse liver diseases like hemochromatosis, glycogenosis, etc.) (Fig. 1).


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