Eye Tumors

  • Helen A. Shih
  • Alexei V. Trofimov
  • John E. Munzenrider
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Reirradiating the eye after ocular irradiation is a relatively rare occurrence since the eye is irradiated infrequently as a primary target. Because of the intrinsic sensitivity of the structures in the eye to radiation, significant efforts are made to minimize the dose received incidentally by the eye during treatment of tumors of the orbit or periorbital areas or of other head and neck or central nervous system sites. Capitalizing upon technological advances that enable increased radiation dose conformality to the primary disease with minimization of excess radiation dose to the nontargeted parts of the eye permits for safer radiation treatment, both at primary indication and at reirradiation. This chapter will discuss the need for radiation oncologists to be aware of the differing threshold doses for complications involving various parts of the eye, specifically the lens, optic nerve, macula, and retina, as well as the tolerance of the lacrimal gland and the tear-producing cells in the eyelids. Recommendations are provided for determining the advisability of attempting reirradiation of the eye after primary treatment with low, intermediate, or high doses. Advantages of focused radiation therapy techniques, specifically external beam proton therapy and episcleral radionuclide plaque brachytherapy for primary treatment or for reirradiation of discrete ocular tumors, are discussed. Finally, the existing literature on proton therapy used in reirradiation of ocular melanomas is described.


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