Complications and Toxicity of Radiotherapy for the Breast, Lung and Heart

  • John T. Murchison
  • Edwin J. R. van Beek
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The side effects and toxicity of radiotherapy administered to the thorax can be separated into early and late types. The most important early effect is radiation pneumonitis which is dependent on various factors, the most important of which is dose. In the most severe cases, this can prove fatal, and the risk of developing severe radiation pneumonitis can limit therapeutic options. Early acute cardiac and cardiac side effects can also occur. The longer-term sequelae of thoracic irradiation include pulmonary radiation fibrosis, premature ischemic heart, cardiac valvular disease, radiation osteonecrosis, oesophageal strictures and the development of second cancers. These side effects are particularly relevant in the treatment of cancers of children and young adults especially in the treatment of lymphoma.


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